The Goose

undefined undefined undefined, 1925 - 1926, 650 x 730 mm

Sparebankstiftelsen DnB

A large white goose stands next to a rhubarb plant that is painted in many shades of green, which accentuate the decorative shapes of the leaves. The girl by the rhubarb has taken hold of the flower stem and is about to break off the bud. This was common practice in the spring, as it ensured the quality of the rhubarb stalks throughout the growing season. The steep slopes at Astruptunet made the conditions difficult for gardening, but Astrup nevertheless managed to cultivate large quantities of different varieties, and eventually became famous for the wine he produced. In a letter he writes: “There have been nearly 20 weddings in the village recently and it has become the latest trend to have rhubarb wine and rhubarb juice at all the festivities, and I am the free supplier for the entire village. I have not been able to do anything here ‘but pick stalks’ for a whole week.”

Loge, Øystein, Betrothed to Nature. Det Norske Samlaget. Oslo, 2010, 175.