Still life

undefined undefined undefined, 1925 - 1925, 670 x 720 mm

Sparebankstiftelsen DnB

In this richly detailed still life, the objects and plants are arranged on a white tablecloth that lies on top of a woven table runner. The abundance from the garden has been brought indoors, and the lovely, colourful flowers are clearly delineated. Among the flowers are amaryllis, daisies, poppy capsules and bleeding hearts. Green apples and radishes have also found their way onto the table, and the light that filters through the window on the left is mirrored in the polished surfaces of the jars, bottles and bowls. In the background we can glimpse a woven wall hanging with a traditional abstract pattern. Astrup designed several patterns for tapestries, which were used among others by the artist’s own mother.

Loge, Øystein. Betrothed to Nature. Oslo: Det Norske Samlaget, 2010.