The database contains an overview of persons who, in one way or another, are associated with Astrup. This includes persons who are mentioned in manuscripts and letters to and from the artist, curators who have arranged Astrup exhibitions, and authors of published works. Owners of artworks by Astrup are also included here, as the research on provenance has been a major component of the work on the Catalogue Raisonné.

The register of persons consists of names, dates of birth and death, and a short biography, including the nature of their relationship to the artist. Correspondence recipients and persons mentioned in manuscripts will include a list of the relevant sources, while the owners of Astrup’s works will be supplemented with a gallery of the relevant works.

Protection of privacy is maintained according to the rules governing privacy protection and the European Union’s GDPR. The collection of data follows the principle of data minimization, while persons born up to 100 years ago remain anonymous (“Private Owner”). By utilising a declaration of agreement in the collecting and publishing of personal data, the research project seeks to give the persons involved as much control as possible over their personal data.