Early Summer in Jølster

undefined undefined undefined, 1907 - 1909, 560 x 800 mm

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It is early summer and the parsonage garden in Jølster is teeming with blossoming trees and bushes, marigolds and lush green grass. Astrup uses the entire spectrum of green, from light, cold and bluish tones to the warmer tones that we can see in the mountain Klauva in the background. In the door opening of the parsonage a woman stands, waiting for a little black cat that saunters through the grass. Astrup used this segment of the landscape in several of his motifs. Among others, we can see the parsonage garden and the little hill with trees in the woodcut "A Night in June in the Garden". 

Early Summer in Jølster depicts the back of the old parsonage farmhouse at Ålhus in Jølster, with a view overlooking the garden and Jølstravatnet, and the mountain Klauva in the background. As a motif this painting related to A Bright Night in June, Jølster (K42; 1902– 1905) and The Parsonage Field in Jølster (K48; 1905–1908). Placed side by side the pictures offer a widespread view of the parsonage garden and field. A comparison also reveals a development in Astrup's artistic mode of expression. While the earlier version, Bright Night in June, Jølster, can be characterised as naturalistic, with a precise representation of details in the fenced-in garden and the mountain landscape in the background, the motif becomes more stylised in the two subsequent paintings. In view of this, Early Summer in Jølster is estimated to be the last version. Among other things, Klauva has gained a simplified, yet characteristic shape. The mountain greatly resembles the depiction of it in the woodcut A Night in June in the Garden (Greve 9), which Astrup made in 1909. 

Early Summer in Jølster was exhibited for the first time in the Commemorative Exhibition after Astrup's death in 1928. Sigurd Astrup is listed as the owner, but the provenance prior to 1928 is unknown. The artist corresponded with Sigurd Astrup beginning in 1907 in connection with a commission, which resulted in A Night in August, Jølster (K66; 1907). It is reasonable to believe that this correspondence may have led to a commission or a takeover of Early Summer in Jølster. 

The painting has no precise dating, but based on the information above, especially motif and style, it is dated 1907–1909. 


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