Olje på lerret, 1905 - 1911

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There are no known descriptions or photographs of this painting, but Astrup’s title indicates that it is a landscape painting depicting rainy weather.

The painting “Rain” was loaned to Astrup’s exhibition at Kunstnerforbundet (artists’ association) in 1911. The owner was a Miss Müller, but she has not been identified. Based on the association’s records, it may be that the picture was returned to its owner via Sigurd Høst (1866–1939) in Bergen, so it is reasonable to believe that Miss Müller lived in Bergen or the surrounding area. With that in mind, it may be that the owner was the Bergen-based singer and piano teacher (Birgitte Ulrikke) Augusta Müller (1860–1927), but this has not been confirmed. The history of the painting after 1911 is therefore unknown.  

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Nikolai Astrup



Ukjent tilegnelsesmåte

Frk. Müller



1911-1-22 - 1911-2-12

Nikolai Astrup

Kristiania (Oslo)

Katalognummer [31]

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