Moonlit Field

Olje på lerret, 1902 - 1908

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There are no known descriptions or photographs of this painting, but Astrup’s title indicates that it is a landscape painting depicting a moonlit field.

The painting was on sale at Astrup’s 1908 exhibition at Bergens kunstforening (art society) for 50 kroner, but it was not sold. The artist took the work back to Jølster with him. In 1911 it was on sale again, this time at Astrup’s exhibition at Kunstnerforbundet (artists’ association) in Oslo. This time Ebbe C.M. Astrup (1876–1955) bought the painting for 200 kroner. In Astrup’s list from 1927, Ebbe Astrup’s wife, Anna Edle Margrethe Astrup, née Wedel-Jarlsberg (1880–1926), is down as the owner. However, she had died the previous year. It is not known whether the work was inherited by someone in the family, but it is likely in view of what happened to other paintings owned by the family. In this case, the painting’s history after 1911 is unknown.  

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Nikolai Astrup



Gave til

Anna Edle Margrethe Wedel-Jarlsberg Astrup



Kjøpt av

Ebbe Carsten Morten Astrup




1908-5-3 - 1908-5-27

Nikolai Astrups Maleriutstilling


Katalognummer 16

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1911-1-22 - 1911-2-12

Nikolai Astrup

Kristiania (Oslo)

Katalognummer [7]

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Bergens kunstforening. Katalog over Nikolai Astrups Maleriutstilling. Bergen: Bergens kunstforening, 1908.