Asker museum

Grunnlagt: 1949

The museum has a large and interesting collection of houses, artifacts and a historical garden including sculptures by Anne Grimdalen. Fusdal Barnhouse an exhibition room with changing exhibitions, Café Gunhild and a museum shop. The heart of the museum is the artist homes of Tilla and Otto Valstad and Hulda and Arne Garborg.

Tilla and Otto Valstad were avid collectors and gifted artists. They bought and relocated many of the buildings found on the museum grounds. Their goal was to preserve as much as possible of Asker and Norway’s material history. Besides being a painter, Otto was also a carpenter, teacher and author. His works are displayed here at Asker Museum, as well as in the Norwegian National Gallery in Oslo. Tilla, his wife, was a teacher, author and textile artist. Her products are on display at Asker Museum. 

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