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The Astrup Research Centre is a collaboration between the DNB Savings Bank Foundation and KODE Bergen. The centre was founded in 2015 and aims to study Nikolai Astrup’s art and legacy, and to make his life story and artworks available to a wider audience.

The catalogue raisonné is an expansive overview of Nikolai Astrup’s artworks. It is built on the Astrup Research Centre’s ongoing work with mapping and registering artworks, historical photographs, literature, exhibition history and archive material. The catalogue will make Astrup’s paintings, woodcuts, woodblocks, drawings, photographs, and textiles accessible online, and facilitate research by providing detailed information on these works.

A sizeable collection of artworks by Nikolai Astrup are permanently displayed at KODE Bergen. Part of KODE’s collection originates from the Rasmus Meyer collection, who acquired and commissioned several of Astrup’s masterpieces during the artist’s lifetime. The Savings Bank Foundation’s extensive collection of artworks by Astrup, containing 58 paintings, 101 prints, and a large collection of works on paper, can also be viewed here.


Tove Haugsbø

Forsker & Seniorkurator, Nikolai Astrup forskningssenter, Kode

Kontakt Tove Haugsbø

Line Daatland

Direktør for samling og utstillinger, Kode

Kontakt Line Daatland


Kari Greve

Forsker & papirkonservator

Kontakt Kari Greve

Francesca Nichols

Engelsk oversetter

Kontakt Francesca Nichols

Siri Kathinka Valdez

Transkripsjon & korrektur (digitalt arkiv)

Kontakt Siri Kathinka Valdez

Johnny Amundsrud

Digital redaktør og registrar

Kontakt Johnny Amundsrud

Kesia E. Halvorsrud

Forsker & kurator

Kontakt Kesia E. Halvorsrud

Nina Ibarz


Kontakt Nina Ibarz

Dagne Zvinklyte


Kontakt Dagne Zvinklyte

Mindaugas Guzas


Kontakt Mindaugas Guzas

MaryAnne Stevens

Forsker & kurator

Kontakt MaryAnne Stevens

Tidlegere bidragsytere

Tor Martin Leknes

Registrar, 2016-2021

Kontakt Tor Martin Leknes

Jenny Sandmo Ellefsen

Registrar, 2019-2022

Kontakt Jenny Sandmo Ellefsen

Johan Kristian Milde

Prosjektmedarbeider, 2021-2022

Kontakt Johan Kristian Milde

Jenny Sæterbakken

Prosjektmedarbeider, 2021-2022

Kontakt Jenny Sæterbakken

Eirik Tjervåg

Prosjektmedarbeider, 2018-2019

Kontakt Eirik Tjervåg

Solveig Berg Lofnes

Forfatter, 2016

Kontakt Solveig Berg Lofnes

Oda Wildhagen Gjessing

Forfatter, 2016

Kontakt Oda Wildhagen Gjessing

Arlyne Moi

Engelsk oversetter, 2016

Kontakt Arlyne Moi

Turid Hagelsteen

Transkripsjon, 2018-2020

Kontakt Turid Hagelsteen

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