The Astrup Research Centre is a collaboration between the DNB Savings Bank Foundation and KODE Bergen. The centre was founded in 2016 and aims to study Nikolai Astrup’s art and legacy, and to make his life story and artworks available to a wider audience.

The catalogue raisonné is an expansive overview of Nikolai Astrup’s artworks. It is built on the Astrup Research Centre’s ongoing work with mapping and registering artworks, historical photographs, literature, exhibition history and archive material. The catalogue will make Astrup’s paintings, woodcuts, woodblocks, drawings, photographs, and textiles accessible online, and facilitate research by providing detailed information on these works.

A sizeable collection of artworks by Nikolai Astrup are permanently displayed at KODE Bergen. Part of KODE’s collection originates from the Rasmus Meyer collection, who acquired and commissioned several of Astrup’s masterpieces during the artist’s lifetime. The Savings Bank Foundation’s extensive collection of artworks by Astrup, containing 58 paintings, 101 prints, and a large collection of works on paper, can also be viewed here.


Tove Kårstad Haugsbø

(b. 1984) has a Ph.D. in art history from the University of Bergen and KODE. Haugsbø defended her doctoral thesis “Fortida gjennom notida. Nikolai Astrups kunst i nye perspektiv” in 2015 and has for many years disseminated knowledge about Astrup to the public, both at Astruptunet and KODE. In 2011 she was curator of the exhibition “Nikolai Astrup. Å møtast på ein klote, på ein stad” at Baroniet Rosendal and also authored the exhibition catalogue. The same year she was co-curator of the Astrup exhibition at KODE along with Line Daatland. Haugsbø is also responsible for the research website nikolai-astrup.

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(b. 1975) is Director for Collections and Exhibitions at KODE and has for many years been responsible for disseminating knowledge about Nikolai Astrup’s oeuvre to the public. In 2011 she was project coordinator and curator for a new mounting of the Astrup collection that the DNB Savings Bank Foundation has deposited at KODE. As part of the exhibition the Astrup app and research website nikolai-astrup.no were developed and launched under the leadership of Daatland.


Kesia E. Halvorsrud

(b. 1987) is currently doing a Ph.D. at the University of Oslo, within the subject of Nikolai Astrup childhood drawings and his early years in the parsonage. Halvorsrud also has archival expertise with particular knowledge about the handling of historical paper archives. She has worked as a project manager at the Astrup Centre, curating the exhibition at KODE which succeeded the 2016 tour.

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Tor Martin Leknes

(b. 1981) has an M.A. in art history from the University of Bergen and has been affiliated with KODE since 2009. Leknes has worked as a scholarly assistant at the Astrup Centre with responsibility for transcriptions of Nikolai Astrup’s letters and notes. He has also assisted all translations of the letters. Leknes is currently working as a project manager at the Astrup Centre.

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Jenny Sandmo Ellefsen

(b. 1993) has an M.A. in art history from The University of Oslo, where she studied the initiative to launch Nikolai Astrup internationally through the 2016 exhibition “Nikolai Astrup. Painting Norway”. She has worked as a museum educator at the Munch Museum and is currently working as a registrar at the Astrup Centre.

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Eirik Tjervaag

(b. 1984) has worked as a project assistant at the Astrup Centre in 2018 and 2019, and during that time created a digital archive in End Note including all known references related to Astrup. Tjervaag has also worked with digitizing privately owned archive material. Tjervaag has an M.A. in Computational linguistics.

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Oda Wildhagen Gjessing

Oda is a KODE’s contact in matters concerning the Astrup collection. One of Gjessing’s major interests and field of expertise is Edvard Munch, and she has treated the connections between Munch’s and Astrup’s graphic works. In 2005-06 she curated the touring exhibition “Nikolai Astrup and Edvard Munch”, which was shown in a number of museums around Norway. She also wrote a catalogue for this exhibition.

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Kari Greve

Kari has devoted many years to compiling an inventory and registering Astrup’s woodcuts. The work culminated in the book Nikolai Astrup: Tresnitt in 2010, which contains fine illustrations, catalogue information and explanatory quotes regarding some of the motifs taken from a selection of Astrup’s letters. The book also includes articles written by Kari Greve, Oda Wildhagen Gjessing and Øystein Loge.

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Solveig Berg Lofnes

Solveig has been engaged in disseminating knowledge about Nikolai Astrup from 1983 until today, and has broad expertise on the artist and his native Jølster. In 2007 Berg Lofsnes published Astrup – Nikolai Astrup og Jølster, a guidebook about the life of the artist, Astruptunet and Jølster.

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Arlyne Moi

Arlyne works as a freelance translator with English as her mother tongue, and has contributed several translations on this website. With an M.A. from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, she has a major interest in art-related texts. Since 1996, in collaboration with various Norwegian art museums, galleries, artists and art associations, she has made countless texts available to an English speaking public.

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Francesca Nichols

Francesca is a freelance translator with an M.A. in Russian Literature and Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Since moving to Norway she has collaborated with leading Norwegian publishers and art institutions, and as the Munch Museum’s main English translator since 2007, she has also translated Edvard Munch’s literary prose for their digital archive eMunch.no. On this website she has translated Nikolai Astrup’s letters, and more. Member of the Norwegian Non-fiction Writers and Translators Association (NFF) since 1996.

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