Winter Night at the Mountain Farm

undefined undefined undefined, 1905 - 1908, 580 x 875 mm

, Griegsamlingen (Oseana Kunst og kultursenter) (The Grieg Collection (Oseana Kunst- og kultursenter))

A mountain landscape, dominated by a single high peak, is covered in pristine, white snow. Three small houses are huddled close together, one of them with a bleak light in its window. The mountain farm is enclosed by a stone wall, which barely peaks out from under the snowdrifts. Near the stone wall a solitary tree grows with long, straight branches that stretch towards the sky. This is a sign that the tree is a pollard, whose new sprouting branches may have been used as additional feed for the animals when they came to the summer grazing farm. A strong light source lies beyond the picture frame to the right. It is presumably a full moon that illuminates the snowy landscape, and casts long shadows from the cabins and trees. The nocturnal sky is blue and nearly empty of clouds. 

This motif is of Fjellstøylen, between Ålhus and Årdal in Jølster, with Hegrenesnipa (899 amsl) in the background. This is one of few winter motifs in Astrup’s oeuvre. According to the artist Winter Night on the Mountain Farm was the second winter landscape he painted. The first was Snowy Mountains (K78), which was purchased by Rasmus Meyer in 1908.

The first time Winter Night at the Mountain Farm was exhibited was at the artist’s solo exhibition in Bergen Art Society in 1908. The painting was for sale, but was ultimately gifted to Haakon Shetelig, who in 1914 became director of Bergen Museum. 

 This is one of several paintings Astrup characterises as a sketch. 


Nikolai Astrup



Haakon Shetelig



Kari Shetelig Hovland



1908-5-3 - 1908-5-27

Nikolai Astrups Maleriutstilling



1928-10-10 - 1928-11-4

Nikolai Astrup. Mindeutstilling



1928-11-11 - 1928-12-9

Nikolai Astrup. Mindeutstilling

Kristiania (Oslo)


1955-1-10 - 1955-12-31

Nikolai Astrup. Malerier og tresnitt



1971-1-13 - 1971-2-2

Nikolai Astrup



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