The Apple Tree

Ukjent teknikk, 1912 - 1912

Ukjent eier

There are no known descriptions or photographs of this painting, but the title indicates that it depicts an apple tree.

The painting was on sale at Bergens kunstforening (art society) in 1912 for 300 kroner, and according to the society’s records the painting was delivered to Sigurd Høst on 23 April of that year. In the summer, Astrup asks Høst whether he has sold the painting, which the artist refers to as “the girl by the tree (‘morning in June’)” (1912-7). When exhibited at the art society, the painting was priced at 300 kroner, but in negotiations with Høst, Astrup reduced the price to 200–250 kroner. The correspondence does not state if or when Høst sold the painting.

There are probably important reference points for the subject in Last Days of Summer (K99) and Woman by Fruit Trees in Bloom (N052). The provenance of the latter was unknown until 2009, and it may be this unknown version.

“The Apple Tree” could also be the unknown painting “Girl Under Apple Tree in Bloom” (U065), which was owned by the Bergen-based shipowner Thorvald Halvorsen (1879–1950) in 1928. Of the four Astrup paintings owned by Halvorsen, only one has been located so far. According to Astrup, the Bergen-based shipowner had a large art collection, which he rarely showed to the public. The history of the work after 1912 is therefore unknown.  

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Nikolai Astrup



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Bergens Kunstforening


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Sigurd Høst