Snow-covered Glacier

Technique: unknown, 1899 - 1903

Unknown owner

There are no known descriptions or photographs of this painting, but as the title indicates, the subject is a snow-covered glacier. Astrup mentions the picture in relation to another picture in his notebooks Blandede motiver II (“Miscellaneous Motifs II”) (1904–1908). In conjunction with an interior, the artist envisages a colour composition: “study especially the reflected lights in the stove, also a Symphony in green but also other colours – as such, the plinth is variegated with fine colours”, which he relates to a picture that Miss Berge had received. Sara Amanda Berge, whose married name was Torp (1885–1975), was a governess for the priest’s family at Ålhus in Jølster around 1900–1903.

In relation to the subject of the glacier, the artist adds: “somewhat air-like and pale-blue and white cinnabar-red with colours that resemble the waterfall at Aamot.” Åmot lies in Stardalen in Jølster, and it is an area that Astrup painted from around 1902; cf. Fond in Jølster (K22). This may suggest that the glacier in the painting is in that area, or in the area north through Oldeskaret to Briksdalsbreen. Sara Torp’s descendants are not familiar with this picture, so its history is unknown.  

Technical description



Purchased by

Nikolai Astrup



Gift to

Sara Torp