Early Morning in June

Oil on canvas, 1908 - 1911

Unknown owner

There are no known descriptions or photographs of this painting, but Astrup’s title indicates that it depicts a landscape in June.

The painting “Early Morning in June” was on sale at Astrup’s exhibition at Kunstnerforbundet (artists’ association) in 1911. Its price was 300 kroner, but it was not sold. According to the association’s records, the painting was sent to Rasmus Meyer (1858–1916) in Bergen, but he isn’t recorded as the purchaser of the work. The history of the painting after 1911 is therefore unknown. 

Technical description




Nikolai Astrup



In custody of

Rasmus Meyer


Exhibition history

Solo exhibition

1911-1-22 - 1911-2-12

Nikolai Astrup

Kristiania (Oslo)

Catalogue number [12]

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Group exhibition