Early Autumn

Ukjent teknikk, 1899 - 1900

Ukjent eier

There are no known descriptions or photographs of this painting, but the title indicates that it depicts an autumnal landscape.

The painting was exhibited at “The Young Artists Exhibition” at Blomqvist in 1900. This was an annual event, and there were high expectations as to what surprises the young artists would come up with. Several of the students at the art school of Harriet Backer (1845–1932) participated that year. Astrup’s painting was not mentioned in the press, and its history after 1900 is unknown.  

Teknisk informasjon




Nikolai Astrup





1900-4-10 - 1900-4

De Unges Utstilling

Kristiania (Oslo)

Katalognummer [no]

Se utstilling