Olje på lerret, 1899 - 1928, [410] x [650] mm

Ukjent eier

There is no photograph of this painting, but the art historian Leif Østby (1906–1988) described it as follows in the newspaper Aftenposten (18/02/1936): “In the little landscape by Astrup, we once again encounter this weight, the lush greens of Western Norway are tirelessly varied right across the scale, from the white-green patches of snow down to the deep black-greens in the hillsides.”

This is a quote from Østby’s review of the exhibition Mitt kjæreste billede (“My Most-loved Picture”) held at Oslo Kunstforening (art society). The painting had been loaned by the doctor and gynaecologist (Harald) Ulrik Sverdrup (1890–1976) from Oslo. There is no known relationship between the Sverdrup and Astrup families, and it is unclear when and how Sverdrup became the owner of this painting. According to his family, the doctor had an art collection, but they are not aware of it including any works by Astrup.

The exhibition catalogue from 1936 gives the dimensions as 41 x 65 cm. This could make it a match for Downy Night (K45). The latter has the dimensions 41.5 x 65 cm, and its provenance is unknown from 1928 until it was sold during the Second World War. The back of Downy Night has no information relating it to Sverdrup or the exhibition in 1936, so the possible match cannot be confirmed. Nor does Østby’s description give any specific reason to believe it is the same picture. The history of the work before and after 1936 is therefore unknown.  

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Nikolai Astrup



Ukjent tilegnelsesmåte

Ulrik Sverdrup





1936-2-12 - 1936-2-23

«Mitt kjæreste billede»


Katalognummer 77

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Kunstforeningen i Oslo. Mitt kjæreste billede. Oslo: Kunstforeningen i Oslo, 1936.