Ukjent teknikk, 1899 - 1928, [580] x [760] mm

Ukjent eier

There are no known descriptions or photographs of this painting, but the title indicates that the subject is a cabbage.

The painting “Cabbage” was loaned to, and displayed at, the memorial exhibitions in Bergen and Kristiania (Oslo) in 1928, at which point they were owned by Doctor Peter Cristian Kreyberg (1866–1933). Kreyberg developed an interest in Astrup’s art around 1918, and he bought several works, including both paintings and woodcuts, directly from the artist over the course of the 1920s.

“Cabbage” was previously confused with another painting, Cold Spring (K160), probably because the latter was owned by Kreyberg in 1955 and because the measurements are the same – as well as because it shows a cabbage in the garden. However, the list of works from 1928 shows that both of these paintings were exhibited in 1928: as numbers 42 and 112, with different owners. Cold Spring was left unsigned in Astrup's studio by his death, and owned by the artist’s widow, Engel Astrup (1892–1966) in 1928. It was on sale during the exhibition period. Kreyberg probably bought the painting directly from Engel Astrup that year. “Cabbage”, meanwhile, was already owned by Kreyberg. Kreyberg greatly admired Astrup’s art, and when he died in 1933 the paintings in his possession were inherited by family members. The subsequent history of the painting “Cabbage” is unknown.

In the exhibition catalogue from 1928, the work is recorded as measuring 58 x 76 cm and being signed “N. Astrup”.  

Teknisk informasjon




Nikolai Astrup



Ukjent tilegnelsesmåte

Peter Christian Kreyberg




1928-10-10 - 1928-11-4

Nikolai Astrup. Mindeutstilling


Katalognummer 42

Se utstilling

1928-11-11 - 1928-12-9

Nikolai Astrup. Mindeutstilling

Kristiania (Oslo)

Katalognummer 42

Se utstilling



Bergens Kunstforening. Nikolai Astrup 1880–1928. Mindeutstilling. Bergen: Bergens kunstforening, 1928.

Bergens kunstforening. Katalog over Nikolai Astrups Maleriutstilling. Bergen: Bergens kunstforening, 1908.