The exhibition history is major source of information for the Catalogue Raisonné as it contains details about the work and information about its provenance. Since his debut in 1899, Nikolai Astrup’s art has been shown in numerous exhibitions, both in Norway and abroad. The database presents the solo and group exhibitions separately. During his lifetime, Astrup arranged four solo exhibitions and participated in 15 group exhibitions. The database is regularly updated with current exhibitions. Each exhibition is presented with dates, institution and curator, reference to a catalogue, reviews and other coverage, in addition to a gallery of the exhibited works. The galleries are updated parallel to the Catalogue Raisonné.


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Nikolai Astrup. Visioner av norsk natur

Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde

2022-2-19 to 2022-5-28

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Nikolai Astrup: Visions of Norway

Clark Art Institute

2021-6-19 to 2021-9-19

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Nikolai Astrup. Rå natur

Kode Kunstmuseer og komponisthjem

2021-10-15 to 2022-1-23

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Nikolai Astrup Ut av skyggen

Kode Kunstmuseer og komponisthjem, Bergen

2017-3-3 to 2020

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Nikolai Astrup Veien hjem

Kode Kunstmuseer og komponisthjem, Bergen

2016-1-22 to 2017-1-22

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Nikolai Astrup Painting Norway

Dulwich Picture Gallery, London

2016-5-1 to 2016-5-5

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Nikolai Astrup: Grafikk og trykkplater

Astruptunet, Jølster

2016-5-20 to 2016-9-18

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Nikolai Astrup Norske Landskap

Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo

2016-6-10 to 2016-9-11

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Nikolai Astrup: Norwegen. Eine Entdeckung

Kunsthalle in Emden, Emden

2016-10-2 to 2017-1-22

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Nikolai Astrup: Å møtast på ein klote, på ein stad

Museet Baroniet Rosendal, Rosendal

2011-5-14 to 2011-9-11

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Nikolai Astrup: tresnitt og maleri

Astruptunet, Jølster

2010-5-15 to 2014-9-15

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Nikolai Astrup. Drømmebilleder

Gl Holtegaard, København

2010-8-13 to 2010-11-14

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Nikolai Astrup: Mystikk i sommarnatta

Kunsthuset Kabuso, Øystese

2008-5-31 to 2008-8-31

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Nikolai Astrup Grafikk og trykkeplater

Astruptunet, Jølster

2007-5-1 to 2009-5-1

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Nikolai Astrup. Tilhørighet og identitet

Sørlandets kunstmuseum, Kristiansand

2006-2-11 to 2006-3-26

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