Girl Under Apple Tree in Bloom

Technique: unknown, 1905 - 1912

Unknown owner

There are no known descriptions or photographs of this painting, but Astrup’s title indicates that it may depict a springtime scene. Probably the girl is standing by one of the apple trees in the parsonage garden at Ålhus in Jølster.

In Astrup’s list from 1927, he enters the shipowner Thorvald Halvorsen (1879–1950) as the owner. Halvorsen may have received the picture on account of the artist owing the shipowner 100 kroner in 1909. In a letter to Isabella Høst in August 1909, Astrup writes that he is happy to send more pictures for Halvorsen to choose between. It is unclear what the subject of these pictures was, and whether the proposal was carried out.

Later, in 1912, another letter from Astrup reveals that Høst is storing a painting that is for sale, which the artist refers to as “the girl by the tree”. That is probably the same painting as was exhibited for sale at Bergens kunstforening (art society) that year, under the title “The Apple Tree”, but it is unclear whether it is the same one as “Girl under the Apple Tree in Bloom”.

There may be important reference points for the subject in Last Days of Summer (K99) and Woman by Fruit Trees in Bloom (N052). The provenance of the latter is unknown until 2009, and it may be this unknown version.

After 1927, the history of “Girl under Apple Tree in Bloom” is unknown. Of the four Astrup paintings owned by Halvorsen, only one has been located so far. According to Astrup, the Bergen-based shipowner had a large art collection, which he rarely showed to the public.  

Technical description




Nikolai Astrup



Unknown acquisition method

Thorvald Halvorsen