Old Man from Jølster

Technique: unknown, 1899 - 1928

Unknown owner

There are no known descriptions or photographs of this painting, but the title indicates that it is a portrait of an older person from Jølster.

The painting was added as an extra work when the memorial exhibition was presented at the art society in Oslo in 1928. The owner is therefore not included in the exhibition catalogue, and the person is anonymised in the archives. The history of the work before and after this is therefore unknown.  

Technical description




Nikolai Astrup


Exhibition history

Solo exhibition

1928-11-11 - 1928-12-9

Nikolai Astrup. Mindeutstilling

Kristiania (Oslo)

Catalogue number [243]

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Group exhibition


Bergens Kunstforening. Nikolai Astrup 1880–1928. Mindeutstilling. Bergen: Bergens kunstforening, 1928.