Astrup’s letters and notes, photographs, postcards and drawings with inscriptions are all important sources for understanding his oeuvre. The archive thus has an important function in this digital library, and includes archival material that spans from the 1890s to Astrup’s death in 1928. The work involved in compiling the archive has been carried out by KODE Art Museums of Bergen in collaboration with the National Library of Norway and the Department of Special Collections at the University of Bergen, which has a copious archive composed of diverse curio items, all of which put Astrup’s work in a new light. In addition, the DnB Savings Bank Foundation owns Astrup’s childhood and adolescent drawings, and a number of sketches with inscriptions, which are deposited in KODE. The material is available in hybrid views, showing facsimiles and transcriptions side by side, and it will also be possible to read the texts in English translation using the English menu.

Nikolai Astrup