My Good Friend

Letters by Astrup in Book Form

In March 1898, at the age of 17, Nikolai Astrup wrote a long letter to his friend and fellow student Arne Giverholt. The letter is full of anecdotes from the local milieu in Jølster, at the same time that it reveals some of the challenges that Astrup was faced with in the pursuit of his dream to become an artist. The letter has now been published in book form, with illustrations and a foreword by Senior Conservator Tove Haugsbø.

– It reveals a young man who was well informed and had strong opinions about the inner workings of artistic expression and content – and who with youthful audacity was both perceptive and contemplative in his critique of established artists of the period, such as Gerhard Munthe and Frits Thaulow, writes Haugsbø in the foreword to the book.

Book Series

The Astrup Centre at KODE plans to publish one letter per year up until the summer of 2020. The publications are a result of years of work digitising and transcribing Nikolai Astrup’s letters and notes. This year’s book has been translated into English by Francesca M. Nichols, who has previously translated many of Astrup’s letters.

The book is designed by Rune Mortensen, and illustrated among other things with Astrup’s childhood drawings. Both the Norwegian and English editions are on sale in KODE’s museum shops.

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Nikolai Astrup