Exhibition at KODE Art Museums of Bergen

Nikolai Astrup – Out of the Shadows

Nikolai Astrup (1880–1928) had from his childhood an intimate  relationship to nature and his surroundings. He was particularly fascinated by the various moods that one can experience in the same setting, but at various times of day and during the different seasons.

The exhibition Nikolai Astrup – Out of the Shadows examines the shifting atmospheres  in Astrup’s art. The darkness of night, the mystery of childhood and melancholy were important sources of inspiration for Astrup throughout his life. In the dim twilight and in the shadow of a blazing bonfire nature is brought to life. Trees become trolls and mountains acquire faces.

When Astrup moved to Sandalstrand in 1912, his deepfelt  relationship to nature gained a new dimension however. While nature is presented as mysterious and unfathomable in the dark, nature’s “life-giving force” is the theme of the sun-filled landscapes and interiors from his home.

Exhibition opening on 3. March 2017, at KODE Art Museums of Bergen

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Nikolai Astrup