DNB Savings Bank Foundation

The DNB Savings Bank Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation. The Foundation was established in 2002 as part of the conversion of Gjensidige NOR Savings Bank into a limited liability company. The core capital consists today of 130 million shares, constituting an ownership share of ca. 8%.

In autumn 2005 DNB Savings Bank Foundation established a subsidiary company, Dextra Artes, in order to invest in art. The first investment occurred in autumn 2005 when the foundation acquired a comprehensive Nikolai Astrup collection.

The Astrup collection includes all aspects of the artist Nikolai Astrup’s oeuvre and consists of oil paintings, woodcuts and other works on paper. The collection was purchased from collector and economist Jon Chr. Brynildsen, who had accumulated it painstakingly throughout twenty years with the advice of art historian and Astrup biographer, Øystein Loge.

The collection has since grown considerably through acquisitions, in keeping with the foundation’s statutes. Under the stipulation that the artworks are displayed, they are loaned out to Norwegian museums on a long-term basis.

Nikolai Astrup