KODE Art Museums of Bergen

The Rasmus Meyer Collection

Rasmus Meyer (1858 – 1916) was Nikolai Astrup’s patron in Bergen at the beginning of the 20th century. Most of the pictures in the Rasmus Meyer Collection are from Astrup’s early period, with motifs from Ålhus – the village where Astrup grew up. Also included are many of Astrup’s major works, among them Barren Mountain (1906) and Summer Wind and Children Playing (before 1913). Today the collection forms part of KODE Art Museums of Bergen. It has its permanent home in KODE 3. The building that houses the Rasmus Meyer Collection was designed by architect Ole Landmark and completed in 1924, ready to received the large gift from the entrepreneur Rasmus Meyer, donated in 1916.

Bergen Billedgalleri and Bergen Art Museum

Bergen billedgalleri (Bergen Picture Gallery) was established as a municipal institution in 1879 and includes many major works within Norwegian painting, classical European art treasures and contemporary international art. The collection also contains works by Astrup, among them a version of Spring Night in the Garden (1905). Bergen Billedgalleri changed its name to Bergen Art Museum in 1999. In 2013 both the Rasmus Meyer Collection and Bergen Art Museum were incorporated into KODE Art Museums of Bergen.

Nikolai Astrup